Roll Grinding

Roll Grinding

Acme has developed a product line for the reconditioning of primary and backup rolls.

Resin and resin modified bonds in grit sizes up to 120, with diameters to 42"
Formulations for iron, steel and various levels of chrome rolls
Acme wheels have been successful at manufacturers of rolls where there is a requirement for substantial reduction, and the same wheel will also produce good surface finish
Both conventional and ceramic grains are utilized.  The higher cost ceramic wheels can produce dramatically improved productivity and G-ratios.  Users report longer life and the capability to rough and finish with the same wheel.

Centerless Thru-Feed Grinding Wheels

Both single wheels and Twin-grip.  Typical applications are in bar mills and contract grind shops
Grit sizes up to 120
Very hard bonds are available
Excellent as conversion from vitrified bonds


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