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Resin Segments

Available in Cortland (CD), Norton (NO) and Sterling (STG) shapes
Resin bonded segments provide superior performance on difficult to grind materials including stainless steels, NiCr alloys, heat sensitive work piece configurations and others
Increased bond strength of resin bonded segments gives improved surface finish with lower heat distortion
Generally superior to vitrified bonds on high production Blanchard type work

Bubble Abrasive Wheels

A special exclusive resin bond combined with hollow spheres of aluminum oxide composites
As the spheres wear, their natural porosity enhanced chip clearance for faster, cooler cutting
Can be used to recondition rubber and urethane products
Types 1, 5 and 6 greater than 1/2" thickness are available
Cones and core files are also available
Mounted points are available in limited sizes

Mounted Points

Available in Vitrified or Resin bonds
Shapes A1 to A39 - also available in large and special shapes
Shapes B41 to B135 - also available in small and special shapes
Shapes W144 to W242

Concrete Notching and Beveling Wheels

For Target and other concrete cutting machines in the construction industry
Beveled concrete joints produce more reliable geometry and bonding of sealants
Available in a variety of diameters and thicknesses up to 3/4"
Special Acme angled face wheels for proper concrete notch

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